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Close to the skin!

Creative technology components dedicated to perfect comfort & design

For over 150 years, Art Martin has and continues to supply and support a a large number of lingerie brands worldwide.

Cups, underwires, adjusters, ornaments… Components and finished products are developed by our R&D team.

Innovation and creativity lead all our industrial processes.

Fitting & comfort

We propose all kind of components to ensure the suitability of the finished product.

  • A wide range of adjusters (Nylon-coated, Zamak or plastic)

  • Various underwires and bonings to fit perfectly to the desired neckline.

  • A range of garter grips and busks to ensure comfort and seduction.

Body sculpting

  • Complete support from Cup design to machining and molding.

  • A large Cups offer (with or without strap start, Triangle, Removable and Monocups), which enable us to meet your needs.

  • A large choice of raw materials to meet your requirements in terms of hand feeling.

  • Development on specifications

Bonding & welding

  • Seamless products

  • Various finishing touches

  • A large choice of adhesive

  • Invisible under clothing

  • Guarantee of a refined aspect and a touch of elegance


A Fashion collection to create your own customized product!

  • Textile & Metal ornamental products & solutions

  • Development of your personalized products with your specifications

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Dive into the water!

Real expertise in water resistance

Protect your creations’ and raw materials from salted, water and cloring!

Our studies and research aim to create products (Cups, foams and accessories) well adapted to the swimwear universe.

Our goal: To create water-resistant, comfortable and fashionable products.

Swimwear molded cups

We offer specific raw materials which enable to guarentee a longer life span to your products.

A large choice of materials to meet your quality requirements.

Design Yokes

Our foam moulding experience at the service of product design.
Embossed yokes offering aestheticism, comfort and elegance.
Using any type of fabric.

Ornamental & functional swimwear accessories

A range of accessories especially designed to swimwear products

  • Adjusters

  • Closures

  • Ornaments


Customized products development on specifications.
Sport & medical devices
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Move with comfort!

When high technology meets sports and medical requirements

Our sport components are ready to deliver the look you want and the required  performance .

Expertise of products manufacturing processes in seamless products.

From the outset, comfort, protection, design and high-tech manufacturing processes are the foundation of our product development.

Integration of a comfort function in your finished products.

Protective foam

We offer yokes of molded foam providing comfort and protection on targeted body areas (hips, knees, elbows…). Ideal to combine function and fashion.

Seamless products

Our offer contains seamless products thanks to our welding techniques, to combine comfort and aestheticism.

  • Sport bras

  • Leggings

  • Shorty

  • T-Shirts


Our wide expertise allows us to adapt ourselves to your projects and to develop, beyond sportswear products, additional accessories.

  • Bags

  • Armbands

  • Wristbands

  • Headbands

  • Floor mattress

Medical devices

Medical answers to hire comfort expactations, to which our welding expertise is perfectly adapted.

Hence we offer seamless products to avoid frictions in protective and post-surgical clothes.

One of a kind designs

Our textile design studio is always on the lookout for trends and innovations.

Our expertise in textile based decorations stems from an in-house creative lab fuelled by our experience in fashion design and cutting-edge technologies.

Our integrated production unit, allows you to oversee product quality.


We master various techniques from laser cutting to ultrasound cutting to provide you with a custom-made product :

- Laser Cutting
- Ultrasound cutting
- Hot Stamping
- Zamak Injection
- Thermoforming
- Adhesive Bonding

For your needs in perfumery, beauty, skincare, premium spirits, or delicatessen.


Our textile expertise ensures extensive knowledge of materials and ongoing monitoring of market innovations. Our commitments drive us to source sustainable, durable, high-quality, recycled, eco-designed, and biodegradable materials!

Discover a wide range of vegan, Oeko-Tex certified, and GRS-certified materials

Complete package

1 Your Idea
Send us your inspirations or your specifications, and we will study them.

2 Our Expertise
Our creative team advises you and tailors our techniques to meet your needs.

3 Your Creation
An integrated production unit for a unique creation that reflects your style.

4 Attentive Customer Follow-up

Create with us!
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