Empowering your innovation

A unique approach to co-create and work for tomorrow’s products

From your specifications, we support your projects, from your initial brief to finished or semi-finished product. Our experience and our technological know-how in Research and development will boost your ideas!
You follow with us all the different processes.
discover our lab process

Step 1 : Design creation

The first step in terms of product creation consists in our design department to share with you a product description according to your expectations.
Every project is unique and operating differently, thus we proceed in different ways:

  • Sketch design from a picture

  • From one of your drawing

  • From technical information only

Step 2 : 3d modelling

From sketches produced by our Design team, our laboratory R&D makes the 3D modeling of your product and, if requested create for you a dedicated mold.

This model allows us to establish, in a specify way, curves and dimensions, which will serve us to validate with you the good response to your quality chart.

Step 3 : Prototyping

Based on datas established by our R&D team, we proceed to the creation of a prototype:

  • Machining

  • Molding

  • Sewing

  • Bonding & Welding

  • Assembling

A consequent number of know-how allowing the conception of various products.

Step 4 : Quality tests

Last but not least, this stage of our process consists in proceeding with tests to confirm the good resistance of products.

For that purpose, we proceed in two steps:

  • Technical check (sizes, rigidity...)

  • Fitting check (test to go well in wearing)