Our poles of know-how allow us to guarantee you the quality level determined in your specifications. We assure an accurate and rigorous work to allow you to concentrate on the main part: your innovations.

We group our know-how through four big poles:

- Lamination of flexible materials in strip
- Thermoforming and Moulding
- Assembly by welding
- Work of the metal and Surface treatment
Discover our know-how


of flexible materials in widths

Foam, fabric, films, membranes, glues, non-woven, etc.... We achieve welding and lamination of your flexible materials in widths with glues adapted to every requested elongation.

  • HotMelt Lamination

  • Calendering

  • Cuter & laser cuts

Let us know your project and we will find together the adapted solution..

Thermoforming and molding

of flexible materials

We produce your own design and create molds on specifications.

  • Thermoforming

  • Thermocompression

  • Hot or Cold molding

Welding of flexible Materials

We can propose the assembly of materials by welding, in small or wide widths.

This technique also allows us to work on finish products with various finishings (folded edge, clear edge, scalloped edge, heat sealed edges…).

Work your products seamless for a smooth finish.

Metal fitings - Zamak

We work metal in different ways, by stamping, injection or by micro-cutting to be abble to propose to you :

  • Galvanization: Gold / Silver

  • Nylon coated: Black, white and colors

  • Micro-customization